KingOfFakes Mission Statement

We believe in civil liberties and personal freedoms. While legal drinking age in many countries is 18 years, the USA is not as progressive. This limitation makes little sense to us: if one can take a loan or serve their country at this age, they surely can be allowed to have a beer too. Occasional, responsible alcohol consumption does not carry nearly as much risk as a failed financial obligation or life-threatening battlefield action.

And while everyone should be well-informed about potential harmful effects of alcohol, each individual still must have a freedom to choose to indulge in it. Well informed decision to drink should be a private matter of each individual.

We are here to give young people an opportunity to accomplish that. We do not condone illegitimate use of our Fake IDs for any other purpose than stated above.

We would also like to remind all our customers to drink responsibly and take good care to prevent damaging effects of alcohol. Excessive alcohol consumption is detrimental to health and can lead to irreversible organ damage.


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