We Make Ordering Super Easy!

We make ordering super easy! First pick the state you want to purchase and fill out the form with the information you want printed on the ID. Upload your photo and a photo of your signature on a piece of white paper and click "add to cart".

If you are purchasing for a group, go back and do the same thing for every additional person, then select the shipping option and click "proceed to checkout".

Shipping Options

Fill in the shipping information and choose a payment method. We accept Bitcoin, Litecoin and Western Union.

Payment Options

How to Pay With Bitcoin/Litecoin

Paying with Bitcoin/Litecoin is the cheapest option and we offer a 15% discount for all cryptocurrency orders. To pay with Bitcoin/Litecoin select the corresponding option at checkout and click "place order".

Purchasing Bitcoin is simple with a credit or debit card. Both Coinmama and Cash App on Iphone/Android allow users to purchase bitcoin with a credit card. After you have clicked "Purchase" on King Of Fakes, the website will display the amount of bitcions to send and the payment address.

Go to Coinmama or Cash App and buy the order amount plus $5 extra bitcoin to cover transfer fees. Once the bitcoins are in your account click send and copy and paste the information given to you at checkout info the “Pay To” field and the “Amount” field. After clicking send the payment screen should update to Pending within 20 minutes and your order will automatically be marked paid and begin production.

Bitcoin Payment

Other popular ways to buy Bitcoin are LocalBitcoins website or LibertyX ATMs. Just follow their user friendly guides:

If you want to purchase with Litecoin you can follow the steps above but purchase litecoin from Coinbase.

How to Pay With Western Union

Western Union is the slowest payment method we offer and suggest customers only use Western Union if they can not purchase bitcoins.

To pay with Western Union click "Western Union" at checkout and then click "Place Order". After clicking "Place Order" a summary will appear with instructions on who to pay. Write down this name carefully and send the money by going to a local agent. Find the closest agent to you by visiting this map.

Western Union

Be sure to say “Cash Pickup” when asked how the receiver wants the money.

After the payment has been sent, record the MTCN number and return to King Of Fakes and complete the Western Union payment form so we can pick up the money and start working on your order.

Also make sure to take a good photo for your new ID!