Fake Identity Documents On The Deep Web: It Only Takes A Modest Budget And A Few Clicks

According to criminals, it is possible to travel with such false passport, but also to open a bank account. You don't even need the deep web for it, some are available on clearnet. But Albert Kramer from the digital security company Trend Micro advises interested parties to make it a little more obscure. "It is very unwise to use the public web because it is visible to investigation services and Internet providers. Criminals know that too."


If you download the anonymous Tor browser, and search for 'fake passport', you get a variety of possibilities. The Dutch passport appears to be one of the most popular to buy illegally, as well as the German, American, British and French passports.

A few minutes

Kramer says that anyone can do this. "For me, this can be done in a few minutes. Someone who is perhaps a little less technical will take a bit longer. But we are not talking here in days or weeks. It is actually accessible to everyone." The price is even better: for 600 euros you have a Dutch passport, for 100 euros more you get a driving license.

Fake passport for Mark Rutte

Earlier the journalist Harald Doornbos managed to purchase a Syrian passport with the passport photograph of Dutch Premier Minister Mark Rutte. He didn't even need the deep web for that: it was arranged within two phone calls in Syria.

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