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Florida is one of the best places to live in your youth. With miles of beach and nightlife stretching as far as the eye can see it can be overwhelming, especially for adults under 21. Walking by bars and looking inside can be painful, you want to get inside but you know the 6 foot 300 pound bouncer will reject you immediately. All your friends tell you “fakes don’t work here”.

“Fakes don’t work here”

Luckily this is not true for King Of Fake ids. When other vendors ids get taken by the doorman our customers slide right past and into the club. We must warn you however it is risky.

Florida is one of the strictest locations in the United States to use fake ids. Possession carries a felony charge so when you buy a fake you need to know it will not get taken.

If you use any other sellers Florida drivers license you will be caught. Other sellers don’t have the monetary resources and quality management to ensure every id is flawless. We do. We take pride in the fact our customers have the highest success rate of any fake id company and will guarantee you get in or your money back.

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